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original painting by Brooke Harker. Available at Lu Martin Galleries in Laguna Beach, CA.

Walking Rome is my first painting on canvas of Rome inspired by the many wanderings through the city nearly a year before.  My eyes fixated on the woman in the pink dress, a modern figure among a city of such history.  I was drawn most to how the dress stretched over her body. She did not have the body of a model with flat abs and that didn’t stop her from expressing her femininity. This fascinated me.  I also wondered how she could walk on the cobblestone in those heals.  I attempted to wear the slightest heal and lost complete balance on the unsteady ground. I fell into the street and a stranger pulled me out before an oncoming car almost hit me.

The creation of this painting mirrored my own journey of self acceptance.  I felt like this woman helped me shift my thinking.  It always amazes me, the power of one person to impact another and not even know.


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