Peter Frank- international art critic, The Huffington Post, Fabrik Magazine
“Brooke Harker’s approach to the image of a city – of any environment, actually, but a city’s most particularly – insists that our experience of a place emerges from a wealth of phenomena, smaller and larger, interacting and giving one another a reason to exist. Harker’s method, reliant equally on drawing and painting throughout even the most painterly tableau, does not simply thrust us into the middle of a bustling street; it dissolves the street and reassembles it around our vision, as if we had been dreaming, been jolted awake, and found ourselves beholding a scene at once instantly recognizable and entirely alien. “
Marcello Carlino- art critic, Rome, Italy
“On the map of her canvases, Brooke Harker pictures the land she imagines with her portrayal of hope; it is the city of the sun we yearn for.”
Jonathan Jerald- director of LADAD's District Gallery
“Brooke Harker’s paintings are an intriguing window on Southern California, offering a vision impossible to communicate through photography. Her lively, multi-layered paintings, particularly the intricately detailed cityscapes, communicate to the viewer a spirit of place that is revelatory, transforming everyday street scenes into transcendent environments. Essentially these paintings do what all good art should: remind us that beauty and magic are all around us.”
Greg Martin- Gallery Director, Lu Martin Galleries
“Brooke Harker’s art boasts of a strength of substance and style. More than faithful renderings of the places she has traveled and spent time, her paintings are imbued with the mood, energy, and character of the place and its inhabitants.”
Ben Johnston- art collector
“I was able to get the paintings unpacked this weekend and they are great. The website doesn’t do them justice. I really love the colors in person and the textures are fantastic.”


Judy Santos- founder & CEO OfficeSlice, collector
“The first time I saw a Brooke Harker’s paintings, I was overwhelmed with the beauty and color.  The emotion kind of caught in my throat. I purchased this painting because it reminds me of wonderfully spent days at the beach, trips abroad, and that special place I go to in my mind for a respite. “



Malte & Anneliese Humpert- The Arctic Institute, art collectors
“We have been a huge fan of Brooke’s work for almost a decade. In 2011 we finally got our first “Original Harker” and it has been the center piece of our apartment ever since. “Venice Beat” brings a piece of southern california living into our home in Washington DC. The paintings vibrant colors exude so much positive energy and looking at the palm trees and people talking a stroll one can feel the afternoon breeze, hear the sounds of the Venice board walk, and is reminded of lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach. Similarly, our second painting, “Coastal Dreaming” reminds us of the beautiful colors of Malibu, sitting by the ocean hearing the waves crash ashore, and cruising along PCH along in later afternoon lighting.”


Erin & Michael Fine, art collectors
“We had been wanting to purchase a piece of art and as soon as we met Brooke and saw her style, we knew we had found the perfect artist. Our painting brightens our living room and our days. We love looking at the colors and textures from every angle. We recently moved and it wasn’t “home” until our painting was hung.”


Susan Springer Anderson
“Something that struck me about your work- to me the visual landscape of New York is often an over-saturated panorama of lines in constant motion and jumble- almost visual chaos to me. Your paintings capture the energy and pulse of NYC but bring a point of focus to the frame. It’s a manageable snapshot of an otherwise overwhelming environment- that’s pretty incredible.”
Connor Raimondi- art collector
“what I love about your WORK- they always bring a spirit- true spirit to everyone involved. “
Spencer Mickelson- art collector, designer
“Romance, grit, beauty, passion, sadness, antiquity, vibrancy, love…how you manage to capture all this in your paintings leaves me amazed. I am not easily impressed when it comes to the arts. There is so much out there and most of it is mediocre. Not only is your work pleasing, but it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s relevant, it feels important in the art world. It is accessible but extremely modern, and that my dear is a difficult thing to manage. “
Peter Frank-curator, international art critic, The Huffington Post, Fabrik Magazine
“Brooke Harker looks at the world with a very sharp eye. She describes what she sees as so many networks of structures, setting up a web of impressions that reveal both the strange and the familiar in ordinary and spectacular places alike. In this way, Harker gives these places a new texture and a new consistency…one we never saw before — but may have sensed down deep.”
Alex Bonine- art collector
“My love and appreciation of art comes from an instant feeling inside when I first lay eyes on it, best compared to love at first sight. And this is exactly how I felt when I first saw “Little Bike.” There is a feeling or emotion that I can’t put into words when I see the painting, I don’t know if it’s the way the colors seems to change and dance from hour to hour as the light changes throughout the day or if there is true magic in the way the colors made their way onto the canvas. Whatever “it” is, it’s special and fills me with much joy everyday.”
Anne Barnhardt- collector
“To have spent time sharing space with an artist like Brooke Harker is like a kiss from the moon! I have never known someone with as much energy and sincerity, and her art reflects both of these. She truly has a profound connection to humanity as well as individual souls, to intricate landscapes as well as individual colors, on canvas and off. As her college roommate, I watched as she translated her daily experiences, travels, and emotions onto the canvas in our dingy apartment kitchen. Her work and presence can brighten any space. In short, Brookie Harker is an incredible artist and an incredible spirit!”
Kate Aaronson- art collector
“Every time someone comes over to my place one of the first things they ask me is where I got my paintings.  They are so bright and eye catching and really wonderful to look at.  I’ve just had my first child and he also spends much time looking up at our distinctive umbrella paintings.  He is fascinated by the colors and often smiles and talks to the paintings.  I don’t think you can ask for more from works of art.”


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