This 3 minute video shares a little about Brooke Harker’s creative process, inspiration, and insights. 

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Chic Style: “Brooke Harker E la Pittura Urbanistica Contemporanea,” March 13, 2017

1IMG_20170120_184813567_HDR crop4

Extra TV: “Roma, Brooke Harker Presenta: Una Prospettiva Ecclectica,”  Jan. 2017

26 IMG_20170120_182611895 crop

La Provincia: “La splendida Brooke Harker a via Margutta,” Jan. 18, 2017

25 IMG_20170114_150649918 crop

La Provincia: “Brooke Harker un’ americana a Roma,” Jan. 14, 2017


Artsy Shark: Featured Artist Brooke Harker

The Huffington Post: Opening Reception for Brooke Harker at Upper West

Splash Magazines: Upper West presents “Memoirs of Cities” featuring Paintings by Brooke Harker

The Hollywood Times: Another Busy Weekend for the Arts


La Provincia: “A Genova Brooke Harker”


La Repubblica: “Sei in contemporanea da oggi con Satura”


 LA Art Party: Lu Martin Galleries Celebrates the Art of Brooke Harker “Brooke Harker un’americana a Frosinone,” 25 Agosto 2015

La Provincia: “Brooke Harker a Roma con i suoi colori e tele,” 2015


The Huffington Post: “Chasing a Dream From One End of the World to Another,” 

Splash Magazines: 7 Extraordinary Artists Debuts at FABstudio,” 2015

LA Art Party: “FABStudio presents, 7 Extrodinary Artists,” 2015

Santa Monica Mirror: “FABStudio Presents Opening Reception for New Exhibition,” 2015

The Examiner: “FABStudio Gallery presents, 7 Extrodinary Artists,” 2015

Brooke Harker's work featured in Italian Newspaper

La Provincia:Il meglio della pittura con la rassegna di ate alle Villa Comunale,” 2015



La Provincia: “Un successo la mostra dedicata algi americani”, 2014

The Malibu Times: “Malibu Opens New ‘Wavelength’ Gallery

The Huffington Post: “Malibleu Gallery Hosts Exhibition Celebrating the California Coast,” 2014

The Hollywood Times: “Two Diverse Arts Show at Malibleu,” 2014

Topanga Messenger: “‘Wavelength’ Opens at Malibleu Gallery,”2014

The Malibu Times: Brooke Harker, 2014

The Examiner: “Malibleu Gallery Presents Group Show,” 2014

LA Art Party:  “Malibleu Gallery Host Group Exhibition Celebrating the California Coast,” 2014

Felix Magazine: “Elaine Madsen: I Know A Woman Like That,” 2014

Felix Magazine: “Art & Passion,” 2014

House of Gratia Et Caritas: “Around Town LA: Virginia Madsen honors Mother Elaine Madsen
at the Felix Magazine & Jeanie Madsen Gallery Benefit Event,” 2014


LAArtParty: “The Art of Brooke Harker on View Now at LAAA’s 2013 Open Show at Gallery 825, 2013

Santa Monica Daily Press: “Art Exhibit Celebrates Women Who ROCK,” 2013

Video: “Jeanie Madsen Gallery Presents: Women Rock”, 2013

Westside Today:  “Two Standout Artists at Two Santa Monica Galleries,” 2013

LAArtParty: Pick of the Week: “Women Rock” Opens Saturday at Jeanie Madsen Gallery,” 2013

The Examiner: “Artist Brooke Harker Returns to the Beverly Hills artShow Oct 19th & 20th,” 2013

Buckwheat: “The work of Brooke Harker Featured at the Beverly Hills artShow, 2013

Fine Art Views: “Staff Picks from the FASO Daily Art Show: Brooke Harker,” 2013

Hollywood Today: “The Santa Monica Art Studios Opening with Brooke Harker,” 2013

LAArtParty: “Pick of the Week: Features Artist Brooke Harker,” 2013

Santa Monica Mirror: “‘Canvas Streets’ On Show At DDR Gallery,” 2013

Buckwheat: “Features Artist Brooke Harker in Canvas Streets April 27th,” 2013

photo above by Chris Schiller: artist Brooke Harker being photographed by Leslie Miranda at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica, CA


The Los Angeles Post: “Los Angeles Art Openings…,” 2012

The Examiner: “Los Angles Artist Brooke Harker at the Beverly Hills Art Show Oct 20th & 21st,” 2012

Dongguan Informer: An Interview with artist Brooke Harker,” 2012

Westside Today: “An Interview with artist Brooke Harker,” 2012

Operation 365: Day 155, “somewhere magical…hopefully it will involve fairies,” 2012

 The Arts PR Group: Featured Artist in “10,000 Hours,” 2012


The Examiner: Art & Artists such as LA’s Brooke Harker Reach out to Help Japan,” 2011

Campus Circle: “The Colors of Brooke Harker,” 2011

Eventbrite: “Artist Brooke Harker donates to Project Angel Food”, 2011

Forth Magazine: “Brooke Harker’s ‘Quilted Cities,’ A Benefit For Global Art Exhibit, 2010

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