Brooke Harker is a contemporary American artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her lively paintings of cityscapes are characterized by energetic strokes layered in ink, acrylic and thick oil on canvas to depict playful expressions of urban and coastal scenes. The imaginative twist of reality in her paintings allows minds to wander, get curious and dream of possibilities.

Brooke Harker’s approach to the image of a city – of any environment, actually, but a city’s most particularly – insists that our experience of a place emerges from a wealth of phenomena, smaller and larger, interacting and giving one another a reason to exist. Harker’s method, reliant equally on drawing and painting throughout even the most painterly tableau, does not simply thrust us into the middle of a bustling street; it dissolves the street and reassembles it around our vision, as if we had been dreaming, been jolted awake, and found ourselves beholding a scene at once instantly recognizable and entirely alien. Peter Frank- international art critic, The Huffington Post, Fabrik Magazine

On the map of her canvases, Brooke Harker pictures the land she imagines with her portrayal of hope; it is the city of the sun we yearn for. Marcello Carlino- art critic, Rome, Italy

Harker’s solo exhibit, Una Prospettiva Eclettica (An Eclectic Perspective), recently toured in January 2017 to Area Contesa Arte, on Via Margutta in the heart of Rome. Painted during a five month residency in Italy, this exhibit last toured in 2016 to Satura Art Gallery in Genoa, Italy.  The collection of works curated by Alfio Borghese, originally opened at the Villa Comunale di Frosinone (in the vicinity of Rome) in 2015. Harker’s work was also part of the Biennale di Frosinone/Anagni in 2016 and had been selected from a museum tour of “California Dreaming” 2014.

A selection of available works by Harker can be found at Lu Martin Galleries in Laguna Beach, CA,

Selected recent exhibits:  Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy, Lu Martin Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA, Villa Comunale di Frosinone, Italy, Riverside Museum of Art in Riverside CA, Fann-A-Porter Gallery in Dubai, Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside CA, FABStudio Art Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, Lu Martin Galleries in Laguna Beach, CA, Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, Italy, The Wolf Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA,  Malibleu Gallery in Malibu, CA, bg Bergamot Gallery in Santa Monica, CA; DDR Gallery in Santa Monica, CA; Jeanie Madsen Gallery Santa Monica, CA;  and haleARTS SPACE in Santa Monica, CA , Christopher Morgan Galleries,  Laguna Beach, CA, Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA, Gallery 104 in San Clemente, CA, George J Doizaki Gallery in LA, The Beverly Hills Art Show, Beverly Hills, CAand the Open Show at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles curated by Jenny Gheith (Assistant Curator, San Francisco Museum of Art). Click here to see past and upcoming events.

Recognition & Press: In 2013, the Field Deputy of CA State Senator Alex Padilla nominated Harker for Excellence in the Arts.  Her paintings have also been featured on Season 8 of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Times, The Malibu Times, La Provincia- (Frosinone, Italy),, The Santa Monica Mirror, Splash Magazines, The Examiner, Topanga Messanger, Santa Monica Daily Press, Westside Today, The Los Angeles Post, Dongguan Informer (China), and sited in More Magazine & Felix Magazine
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Click here for the catalogue in English or Italian with writings from international art critic Peter Frank and Italian art critic Marcello Carlino of Rome.

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See a 3 minute film about the paintings created by Harker below.


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