The paintings I create highlight the framework and energy of various cityscapes.  I get fascinated by details and choose to indicate those details verses replicate them. In paying tribute to images that move me with an interpretation that isn’t perfect, my paintings are a reflection of what I continue to learn in life…that the only perfection is imperfection and the appreciation of what is.  Sometimes we have certain intentions in life and the outcome of reality is different. Yet it takes a having a vision to start a goal in the first place and flexibility to adapt to new circumstances that arise. We get to create a vision of what we want to see and how we respond to the world.  Painting helps me stay in the practice of having visions and adapting with life.

I spend time when sketching on location in appreciation of the light shifting across a scene and curious about people. I wonder about the lives of the people in passing cars. Who put that street sign there and do they have a family? Who lived in that window 30 years ago and what did they see when they looked out of their window?  I feel fascinated by how so many people can create in the same place at the same time and often unaware of their contributions to a bigger picture.  My paintings are a salute to the efforts of so many and a celebration too.  I get especially stoked when bicycles, umbrellas or taxis passes through my compositions as I have a fascination with those shapes and the stories that accompany them. Random people often stop to tell me about their lives. Recently couples holding hands can be found in many of my newer paintings, a symbol of love that is an essential ingredient in my process of creating.

Because my studio is outdoors, I encounter more people when working on larger canvas too. The presence of others adds more story to each painting.  Passing neighbors and strangers stop to tell me about their lives, visit me with their dogs, and ask questions. They add an element of surprise to my day.  Making art helps me connect with people in a way I might not get to otherwise and that is a gift.  Maybe a paintbrush is like a magic wand.

Painting is really a practice of focusing intentions moment to moment and that is really what life is about. I share in my paintings what I hope others get to feel in their lives: awe, wonder, excitement, gratitude, appreciation, joy, acceptance, curiosity and freedom.

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